Terri Kraehe handmade glass gum blossom beads

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Terri Kraehe is the latest flameworker to join the Northcoast Beadmakers team. Terri lives on a farm in South Australia and although much of the year she describes her surroundings as sun bleached and brown, there are times when the gumblossoms cover the trees in all their glory. At these times, Terri often cuts a bunch and places them in her studio to inspire her wonderful depictions of same.  Terri also loves to depict cottage garden scenes, perhaps reminiscent of those she saw as a small child in England. These colourful depictions are what she would like to see outside her window, but I don’t think South Australia is the place Terri, being the driest state in the driest continent, it’s not looking good!

Here’s an example of one of Terri’s ready-to-wear pendants!

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