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Kimmyg, Teri Roberts, Bev Butler, Carolyn Martin, Penel, Sandy Morrice, Christine Windolf, Marife (Rifie) Hogan, Su Bishop, Alan Ussher, Maria Dao, Tracy Brown, Terri Smith, Marianne Kerby, John Hanwright, Wendy Hearn, Carole Griffiths, Jan Roebuck, Jenni Wiseman, Gary Lisle, Tania Black, Maxine Chivers, Susan Clarkson, Terri Kraehe, Jenny Potts and Pippa Venter.

Lampworked glass beads, borosilicate glass pendants, borosilicate beads, unique handmade beads, fused glass pendants, fused glass cuffs, handmade designer jewellery, unique art glass jewellery, collectible miniature perfume bottles, gifts from wine glass charms to suncatchers, all made in Australia, as well as natural stone beads, pearls, coral, sterling silver beads and findings...


Fantastic choice of handmade lampwork glass beads from leading Australian lampworkers

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We offer the biggest range of handmade lampworked glass beads, in one place, in Australia. Browse all of our artists including Al Ussher, Bev Butler, Tracy Brown, Penel, Carolyn Martin, Teri Roberts, Sandy Morrice, Rifie Hogan, Su Bishop, Carole Griffiths, Pippa Venter, Christine Windolf, John Hanwright, Susan Clarkson, Wendy Hearn, Tania Black, Terri Smith, Jenni Potts, Kimmyg and Jan Roebuck! You can use lots of search terms within the shop pages and change those terms to suit as you go, so if you are a designer or maker, looking for components (including lampwork and fused pieces), they are in the ‘Designers and Makers‘ section.

Here’s one of Bev Butler’s beautiful focal beads!

Handmade lampwork bag charms, mobile phone charms, swizzle sticks, bookmarks, cheese knives, cheese platters

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The new Northcoast Beadmakers online shop has a house and home section where you can find great ideas for Xmas gifts, ready to go. Bookmarks, letter openers, wine bottle stoppers, wine glass markers, swizzle sticks, bag charms, mobile phone charms, cheese knives, cheese platters, canape sets, keyrings and all sort of other goodies are available.

Handmade lampworked glass bead and fused glass jewelry – ready to wear

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The ‘Ready to Go‘ section includes ready to wear jewellery.


We offer a great range to choose from, necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants all ready to wear…….ready to go – just in time for XMAS!

Australian lampwork glass beads – biggest online gallery and shop is here!

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Finally, the new shop is up and running! (Stones and pearls still have to be transferred but we are working on this almost daily). Meantime have a look at the new store to see how things have changed!

You can use lots of search terms within the shop pages and change those terms to suit as you go, so if you are a designer or maker, looking for components (including lampwork and fused pieces), they are in the ‘Designers and Makers‘ section.

The ‘Ready to Go‘ section includes ready to wear jewellery and also a house and home category.

The ‘Flameworkers‘ section is about things like tools and equipment and will be expanded to include more glass such as frits and special glass rods, not available elsewhere.


Aromatherapy – personalised products tailor made to your individual and specific needs!

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I want to introduce you to a friend of mine Julie Nelson and her business, Aromatique Essentials.

Aromatherapy is the use of pure plant extracts to promote a sense of well being for the body, mind and soul. Julie’s aim is to revive the knowledge of the medicinal and energetic use of aromatic plants and essential oils, a truly holistic professional art and science.

At Aromatique Essentials Julie specialises in personalised handmade products to suit each individuals needs.

Aromatique Essentials runs a unique series of workshops for Aromatherapy and Organic gardening.

Julie frequently updates her weblog with Aromatherapy tidbits, news and great tips for organic gardening. Follow her weblog to keep up to date with the latest information on Aromatherapy and Organic Gardening with Aromatique Essentials.
Visit her blog here:


Paperweight Making class at Yandina

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An introduction to the hot shop and glass blowing. You will be working with one of our resident artists to use pipes, glory holes, the furnace, frit etc., and to make a small paperweight!!

(The above paperweights made by Lisa Delanoue………..thanks for sharing Lisa!!)

Prerequisites: No prior knowledge or understanding is required for this level

Class time: 9.30am to 1.30pm
Cost: $240.00

(Maximum of 4 students per class)


Northcoast Beadmakers on Artfire – Kimmyg on Etsy

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As the new shop takes shape, we are transferring some items to Kimmyg’s Artfire store, so have a look as you will find some bargains here

You can also find Kimmyg on Etsy here.

Handbound leather journals by Kimmyg

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Kimmy has been making some handbound leather journals which have proved to be very popular already! The first ones listed on her Etsy KimmygOnPaper store sold in less than 24 hours (one on Etsy, the others privately!), so make sure you bookmark the store if you would like one….. four more have been listed today…..

Look at Kimmyg’s Etsy store KimmygOnPaper for more…..


Northcoast Beadmakers – new shop underway

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Kimmy has been continuing to re-build the new shop which takes a huge amount of time but will be worth it. The navigation is a layered system and makes it so easy to find exactly what you want quickly. The shop can be searched by artist, colour, price and category and the images present so much better we are sure you will love it!! It’s been a great task for Kimmy to work on following surgery recently!

If you just can’t wait to take a look, email kimmy for a preview…..

Beautiful blown flameworked borosilicate beads from Al Ussher

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If you haven’t already looked at Al’s new beads, please do so as soon as you can. They really are beautiful! Here’s another example or go to the gallery of Blown beads


Jan Roebuck silver and copper cored art glass lampwork beads

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Although Jan has been busy with the Caloundra Lapidary Club and their recent involvement with the Sunshine Coast GEMEXPO, she has still managed to produce some gorgeous focal beads with silver, copper and titanium cores and caps. Some will thread straight onto a 1mm neckwire, others would need to be made up into pendants or necklaces before they could be worn. Check them out!


Ocean floor unique flameworked art glass beads from Su Bishop

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Out with the old and in with the new! Su has completely cleared her older listings and replaced them with some fabulous new listings including two enormous and seriously gorgeous focal lentil beads. These beads reflect the inspiration Su gets from close by Ningaloo Reef with organic ocean bed themes!! Be quick, beads as beautiful as these surely cannot last for long….


Goddess jewellery with crystals and chakra colours from Kimmyg

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Kimmy has put more focus into the new range of goddess jewellery she has produced. In addition to the powerful symbolism of the goddess as the divine mother, the semi-precious stones incorporated in the latest submissions also have significance as crystals and the colours used to compliment these miniature sculptures relate to the chakras. Have a look at these special pieces which appear at the bottom of Kimmy’s gallery page, for more information.



Handmade lampwork glass bead clearance – Kimmyg

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Kimmyg continues to clean up and clean out her studio. Beads have been grouped together reflecting common colours, but they are mostly orphans so grab a bargain from her CLEARANCE sets and pairs, with beads at as little as $1 each!!


Handmade unique lampwork glass bead bracelets – Maria Dao

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Maria has submitted new wristwear this week. These are the first bracelets we have seen for a while from Maria! Simple, attractive and well priced ….what more could you ask!! Bracelet gallery


Handmade lampwork glass focal and bead sets – Carolyn Martin

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Carolyn Martin

Carolyn has been a very busy girl with twenty-eight new focals and nine new sets being submitted this week. WOW! Lots of choice in these galleries


Borosilicate glass hollow blown beads – Alan Ussher

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Alan Ussher

Alan has done a major clean up of his gallery and has listed some fabulous borosilicate beads which are hollow. Generally the patterns are very organic with lots of metallic sheens and shifting colours. Images never seem to do these beads the justice they deserve. Alan’s pricing is very competitive so make sure you don’t miss out! Blown beads


Fused glass buttons, shawl pins and pendants – Teri Roberts

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Teri has been making some fantastic buttons and shawl pins. The latest submissions are buttons with shanks and dichroic glass shawl pins, so if you sew, knit or crochet and want to give your garments a really special feature, be sure to have a look! Teri’s Buttons and Shawl Pins



Kimmyg handmade lampwork glass beads

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Kimmyg has been cleaning up the studio again and putting together some CLEARANCE sets, with beads at as little as $1.25 each!! Some real bargains to be had here


Kimmyg has also been cleaning up the sculptural and unique beads in preparation for a move closer to Yandina. No point in packing these beads, so expect more bargains to come in the next few weeks!


Maria Dao designs for neckwear

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Maria Dao

Maria seems to be constantly submitting her projects and pieces to magazines and is having great success with being published. No wonder, when her work is of such a fabulous standard. See Maria’s galleries


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