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Lampworked glass beads, borosilicate glass pendants, borosilicate beads, unique handmade beads, fused glass pendants, fused glass cuffs, handmade designer jewellery, unique art glass jewellery, collectible miniature perfume bottles, gifts from wine glass charms to suncatchers, all made in Australia, as well as natural stone beads, pearls, coral, sterling silver beads and findings...


Latest News!

Posted in Day to Day at 7:16 pm by kim

First item of news on the Northcoast Beadmakers website is the new listing of Lauren Forgie’s special purpose mandrels. These mandrels allow you to make beads with three or four holes, allowing a multitude of threading possibilities.
I’m very excited to be able to tell you that I am the official distributor for Australia! Thanks to Lauren for putting her faith in me!!

Check them out for yourself! Here are the links:

Click Here to go straight to LFt Mandrel!
Click Here to go straight to LF3 Mandrel!
Click Here to go straight to LFx Mandrel!

Don’t know about you but I can’t WAIT to have a go!! Just busy with other things this week, but the kids go back to school tomorrow………yahoooOOOO! :-))) Kimmyg

NEXT item is Robyn Kirkmans new work which is so “MODERN” and COLOURFUL I can’t imagine it not appealing……..
Look at Robyn’s gallery page for entry to such items as her Green and Red Pendant Bead…
Here’s the link

Click Here to go straight to Robyn Kirkman’s main gallery page

Meantime, here’s a preview of Robyn’s new work……….



Things ‘re lookin’ up!

Posted in Day to Day, Uncategorized at 8:47 pm by kim

Thank goodness my wonderful web man was able to manipulate things to give me a decent link to my main website – yeehah!! BUT it does seem that because I work on an older system (being a poor struggling artist who can’t afford to upgrade my Mac, and all that) that I don’t have the convenience of buttons to do my HTML work for me, I will have to learn……..oh dear, my head is full of beads and I don’t have room for other, albeit useful, information…..just ask my kids …… when I am asked for their dates of birth they generally answer for me……it takes me a while to retrieve that information from the sponge of a brain I have………..

Anyway, today I have been making new jewellery with those luscious summer cooler beads, swarovski crystal and silver……stay tuned….. I’ll get images up soon.

I also photographed some ferocious fearsome faces that I made the other day……

…..I’ll keep you posted!

Grrrr 🙁 Kimmyg

Well, it can’t get any worse……can it?

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My web man suggested that I use this ‘BLOG’ instead of just having my original domain pointing to my new domain….so far I hate it…… I have managed to work out that to really use it at all I’ll have to do a crash course in HTML…….well, all I really want to do is to make beads .aaargh………maybe tomorrow will be better……….

Click Here to go straight to Northcoast Beadmakers Galleries & Shop!


Hello From Northcoast Beadmakers

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:42 pm by kim

Well, the New Year is here, the end of school holidays just around the corner (thank goodness!) and the beginning of another very busy period for Northcoast Beadmakers. I hope everyone is well rested after the silly season and ready for an inspired beading year, full of new ideas and just can’t wait to get started (if you haven’t already)!!!I have just loaded 3 GORGEOUS pink pendant beads to the site! First in best dressed!

Click Here to go straight to Organics Pink!
Click Here to go straight to Organics Pink 2!
Click Here to go straight to Organics Pink 3!

Hope you like them as much as I do! 🙂 Kimmyg